Fleur Studd


Fleur Studd 是一位深愛著咖啡的開拓先鋒,她為墨爾本咖啡界帶來了新的故事。Fleur透過自己的企業Market Lane Coffee以及Melbourne Coffee Merchants傳達她對以道德方式採購的可追溯、優質咖啡的熱情。我們欽佩Fleur,她是一位(獲得B型認證的)企業主理人,她不僅致力於提升當地的行業發展,而且致力培育在世界各地的咖啡愛好者社群。

“Our vision is to deliver good coffee that’s good for everyone, which includes the producers we work with, our team, our customers, and our community.”

Fleur Studd


“While we operate in different industries, Bellroy’s ethos (to help their people and the world flourish) aligns very closely with ours. From day dot, the ‘better ways’ mantra has inspired me to think about how to raise the bar – in product, communications, decision-making and business practices.”


作為企業主理人(「雙份」)、母親 (「雙份」)、旅行者和行業先鋒,Fleur的行事曆(和咖啡杯)裝載的比大部分人都滿。而有條不紊組織是以及充分利用每段剝奪睡眠的時間正是她有效安排日程的關鍵。 Bellroy Sling(“I never leave home without it”)、Tech Kit和 Phone Case為Fleur將每天日程打理得井井有條;我們的Weekender則令旅程變得更加簡單暢快,讓她的盡情享受盧旺達、東非大裂谷以及其他精彩的冒險。


從瓜地馬拉到薩爾瓦多,從巴西到玻利維亞等 —— Fleur緊湊的旅行日程讓她能夠逐漸了解和喜歡上的咖啡業者和社群保持聯繫。正因如此,她能夠將這些人們的故事(和他們的咖啡豆)帶給眼光敏銳的Market Lane顧客。 “We work very closely with producers and some of the relationships have spanned a decade. It's really important to share the story of where our coffees come from and the people behind them.”



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