Karan Singh


如果你看過 Karan Singh 的作品時,您就會知道他是一個能在世界各個角落找到快樂的藝術家。這位插畫家曾在阿姆斯特丹、紐約、東京、馬爾默和墨爾本生活過,對人們在不同地方的生活、遊走與交流的方式充滿好奇。Bellroy 團隊被Karan 的視角和那讓他不斷學習,更新疊代的好奇心打動,於是立即與他聯繫合作。


“Every time we went somewhere new, we were surrounded by new people, food, cultures and things we never knew existed. We were shining a light into this patch of what was previously darkness for us. I became addicted to the sense of discovery and having that inspiration all the time...”

Karan Singh


我們的商品設計面向全球公民,而 Karan 正是這樣的一位人物。他重視行動的靈活性,亦優先考慮收納工具的性能與使用壽命。雖然我們有著很多共通點,但也許我們對探索的共同理念才是真正推動了這次合作企劃的最大原因。


“I like to learn, and am constantly looking for ways to push things. Both in my craft and in life. Any time I get to work on a collaboration it is just that – a collaboration, where I can learn more from working with other people. I consider myself a work in progress. And I will be for as long as I am doing this.”

Karan 和他的 Bellroy 旅伴

“Because I’ve traveled and moved so much, the things that I want to rely on need to last. I can’t take all the things with me, so I’d rather take one thing that works functionally for my life and will last no matter the scenario. My oldest Bellroy is the [since retired] All-Conditions Essentials Pocket that I got about six years ago, it’s been a really trusty accomplice and hasn’t shown any signs of wear – it’s just built character.”